Room Rental

Room Rental

Need a place to meet? We have a space that’s right for you. Please contact the Event Coordinator for rates and availability.

Church Sanctuary

St. Andrew’s United Church is a community landmark build in 1912.

The Sanctuary seats 400, is acoustically outstanding, has 45-foot ceilings, stage lighting, and was renovated in 2010. Large open space at the front will accommodate musical groups, instruments, choirs. P/A system, projector and screen, twin aisles, Narthex space at back, grand piano, wheelchair accessible. Accessible washrooms via outdoor ramp.

The sanctuary is the perfect venue for:

  • Concerts and musical recitals
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Public talks
  • Filming
  • Meditation

Friendship Room

Approximately 26 x 36 ft, adjoining kitchen, portable sound system, screen and projector, piano, movable tables and chairs. Four pillars in space. Wheelchair accessible. Accessible washrooms.

The Friendship Room is the ideal space for:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences
  • Community presentations
  • Wedding receptions
  • Memorial receptions
  • Yoga, dance, and exercise classes
  • Community celebrations and gatherings
  • Choir rehearsals

Community Kitchen

24 x 31 ft, adjacent to Friendship Room. One commercial refrigerator, one domestic refrigerator, two commercial freezers, commercial dishwasher, commercial stove and oven, two portable induction burners, a large island and countertops for working spaces, fully stocked with cutlery, dishes, and table settings for up to 100.