Broadview Magazine


See for yourself how BROADVIEW engages, informs and inspires with thought-provoking coverage of spirituality, justice and ethical living.

Each issue of BROADVIEW is filled with meaningful coverage on three themes:

Spirituality: Bold perspectives on what it is to be human. Whether you’re religious, spiritual or both, their explorations of faith will nurture and challenge you.

Social Justice: Compassionate and intelligent coverage of topics like human rights, mental health, the environment and immigration.

Ethical Living: Thoughtful stories about how we can all make a positive difference with our lives.

Sign up for BROADVIEW through St. Andrew’s Annual Group Plan: only $30 each (taxes included) for 8 issues. Payment can be made to the church by cheque, cash or credit card.

For more information or to sign up, please call the church office at 604-985-0408.

To learn more about BROADVIEW, visit their website: